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After learning a lot more about Full Sail's Orlando web design school, I was invited to stick around for student presentations of their pre-production plans for their final project. Four students presented projects ranging from social photo sharing, to gaming, to real estate, to stable management (as in horses). Each of the presentations was very interesting and I could see a number of the students presenting to any of our clients here at IPG.

One great thing about Full Sail University (there are many) is their real world approach to education. The presentations showed that the students were not just learning web design theory, but practical application and business development as well. Rather than focusing on the coolest new techno-widget, students explained why the world needed the product, who would use the product, and some insights into pricing models. Pricing models was probably the area that would need the most help in a real world sense, but this is web design school, not an MBA program.

All in all, what started as a plan for just a simple lunch to reconnect with a colleague and see if there was anything we could do to help turned into a great introduction to an Orlando based web design and development program that is truly world class.

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