Google Engage Connect Orlando at IPG

Google Engage

"Google Engage is a program that helps [agencies] master the art of online marketing so [they] can help [their] clients succeed online." Besides a wealth of Google AdWords training and various tools, Google does a great job of putting together events like Engage Connect.

At IPG, we have been fortunate to be Google AdWords Certified Partners and members of the Google Engage for Agencies program for quite some time. We possibly employ more Google AdWords Qualified Individuals than any other company in Orlando, and we're the only one I know of that requires all production team members to obtain Google AdWords Qualified Individual status within 90 days of hire. But enough about IPG.

Engage Connect

Google LunchWe had about a month to prepare. The IPG account executives made lists of people they would like to invite, and we had to be pretty selective. There were a lot of great people we wanted to share this with, but only room for about 20. After a couple weeks, we had the initial lists compiled and the invitations went out.

Google provided very nice, stainless steel travel mugs; a technology package with presentation materials; and, favorite of everyone who attended, a great lunch from Panera. It seemed like it took a lot to pull everything together, and, for me at least, Tuesday morning arrived with the feeling you get before a big game. This was it. Showtime!

Google Presentations

There's two minutes and twenty seconds of the Google Engage for Agencies graphic, so go ahead and fast forward past that point.

Google PresentationThe presentations were great and the recordings are provided here. The stories told had the crowd laughing, and the Sophie.Lee Chrome advertisement was a tear-jerker as always. I've personally seen that Chrome ad at least 20 times and I still had to leave the room as soon as I saw it starting.

Unfortunately, we had a technical difficulty with Brighthouse, our Internet provider, and lost connection about mid-way through the presentations. We were able to use the time for an intimate conversation about Google AdWords, reputation monitoring, flash sales and general search engine optimization topics.

Thank you!

So a big "thank you" to everyone who attended, my team here at IPG for helping pull the event together, and also to Google for inviting IPG to host the event. We look forward to the next one.